Calculated vs. Natural (or lets call it sub-conscious)


Watched Barfi! today. Shruti’s narrative, towards the end, describes the way most of us live our lives. Last scene: When Jhilmil gets onto the bed with Barfi, Shruti talks about how she always wished to live her life with her true love and die with him. That’s when she contrasts her life with Jhilmli’s and says, “Jhilmil did not calculate and fall in love with Barfi, instead it happened naturally and she went with the flow.” (Unlike her, whose calculations were the reason she found Jhilmil in the position she could have easily been in)

Sameer and I have been discussing this topic internally for many months now – about living life the ‘sub-conscious’ way. Both of us have lived life that way (mostly) thus far. It’s essentially trying to live life in its pure form, free and instinctive.

Though one could argue, in the movie, that both Barfi and Jhilmil were handicapped & hence it did not matter how they lived their lives. I’d say, there is so much we could learn, if we wanted to, from people around us who may seem handicapped / limited / incapable. The sensitivities are what matter, which completely capable and normal people would lack easily!

So, coming back to our analysis of the sub-conscious living: Pondering about this, we also went about analyzing why some entrepreneurs do well whilst some others don’t; considering all of them have the same resources, opportunities and capabilities. That’s when we realized that the ones who do really well are the ones who live a sub-conscious life. These are the ones who do not overtly plan, or make mental calculations to figuring out – if i work on this idea, i’ll get funded over the other idea; OR i’ll do a Post grad in X school as it’ll fetch me a 10 figure salary; OR i’ll talk to this person over the other in a conference as he’s a speaker/ seems influential and the other is not, etc.

These are people who simply strongly believe in what they are doing and go about executing it in small chunks, making decisions of yea or nay as they come by small crossroads. Sometimes the yea’s work sometimes they don’t, when they don’t they quickly move to another decision. All of this happens pretty naturally – it just flows.

Now, the argument may swing towards – that’s a really wrong way of doing things. You’ll be running in circles if you just go by your instinct picking yea’s or nay’s. True that. But, if the initial decision making is so strong and one has internalized their decision of working towards an idea for the right reasons, then naturally or lets say sub-consciously they will make the correct decisions.

It’s all about the belief! If the belief is strong, then there is a definite quick tuning that happens in the mind which will help in making the right decision. This becomes a way of life. This, is what we call the sub-conscious way of life.

Of course, this is a very top level explanation of the sub-conscious concept, but i thought it apt to describe briefly after i watched Barfi! today. Coz life’s beautiful and happy when one lives an un-calculated life. Believe in something and go after it in a very pure/true way!

Can you?



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  1. Most of the people I have met think subconsciously only inside theaters while watching movies like “Burfi” or “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara”. Few people actually take it out of the cinema halls and work on it. Like you just did 🙂

  2. Nice read! The journalism & analysis paid off 😉 I remembered the days when you did all those analysis. I saw the topic & was happy, finally she wrote some thing not related to business, but as I started reading, I was surprised that you linked it to business! LOL! Naice, very naice!

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