Living Consciously

The more i travel, interact with people; the more i notice. Notice that we are all just breathing, eating, talking, doing, reacting – as if working of a script; a script of deeply ingrained propagandism, as it were.

The way we talk, walk, look. What we wear, eat, do. Where we go for a holiday even. Somehow mostly, almost every act of ours as a human race seems to be happening rather unconsciously. Off late, i’ve been stopping to ask questions to people around me. Quoting two examples:

We were visiting a friends place, he is almost like family to us. The conversation over green tea was kids (they have twins 3.5years  and i have a daughter 5 years). Suddenly, I heard him say things i’d never imagined he’d every. He’s been this big brother hero who had intelligent answers for everything. He was talking about how others in his family think that the kids should be at par with anyone else. He had quickly distanced himself from the issue and was now passing the blame of decisions to his partner and others in the family. Then there were talks of how cruel the school was, how incompetent the teachers were, etc. Which I agree to – I mean, tests and home work for 3.5 year olds, with questions like “Name 5 surface transport vehicles”. Ya well. So, somewhere in between, i could not hold it and asked them the question, that was obvious to me – “Why? As educated folks, who could question and bring about change, why are you doing this to your kids?” The answer i heard, though not explicit was – We want it that way, as this is the safe path to tread. It’s okay that our kids creativity or flair to uniqueness is being squashed; but peace is maintained at home!  Here, its beyond even asking them to think consciously. its almost suicide. Specially when people have the capacity of conscious living; but compartmentalise to do the most socially acceptable thing in a few matters.

In another incident, I met two good friends recently, who were all set to go to a lunch party. I was in a park with my daughter, they were stopping by to say a quick ‘hi’. They called and ask me to wait for them by the wayside, as they were not comfortable getting off the car. Why? They were not dressed suitable for a park and would mind if people took a second look or raised their eye-brows. During my conversation with them,  i asked a questions that seemed very obvious to me – Why wear something that you’re not comfortable with? Of course, there are arguments and counter arguments to this – every occasion has to be dealt with in a different manner, so the question is not valid. Its unfair that i am judging them, so on. All fair. And i am not judging anyone. I am only accounting an incident to bring about a larger point. A learning i’ve been experiencing.

For me, many things are simple and straight. This is so because of the recent exercise i’ve been doing. The exercise of conscious questioning. As part of this, if i were to go someplace, i’d question the need to dress “appropriately”. Now, the question is “what is appropriate” “who decided it to be that way” “why isnt this better than that” “what is better anyway”. All these questions are important for me, coz if i dont ask them, i’ll be acting through my deeply ingrained conditioning that tells me – for some occasions dress in a certain fashion even if it means you are uncomfortable deep inside. Or because, there is this fear of not belonging or whatever else. And hence, doing this for years will make us seem comfortable; but deep inside that may not be true at all.

It’s been rather interesting to note the things i’d been doing without much thought. This conscious questioning process has pushed me to understand myself at a different level. Perhaps, brought me nearer to my true self.

I wish many of us tried to live life the Conscious way. Questioning simple things that we do; be it our personal decisions of dating someone, marrying, smoking, not-smoking, our concepts of having fun, Facebook usage OR what’s the real reason i am doing this job over the other, why do i eat this and not that; and so on!

We all claim to be the educated, affluent, civilised folks in this world. But many-a-times our actions are of the lowest degrees of human kind. The media these days is filled with incidents of such sorts. We are quick to openly dis-associate ourselves from such acts and spew criticisms. Criticise the people who exhibit such behaviour, question their upbringing, their culture, so on.

If only we all stopped to think. Exercised Conscious thought. We’d all understand that we are as much responsible for such acts as are those in the act themselves. We are a part of that unconscious or contaminated conscious that propels such behaviour. We are a part of that problem. No point distancing and being dual about it.

What if we all stopped a moment to look at nature, appreciated its beauty, thanked it? Respected everything around it. By respect, i do not mean referring to people as Sir’s and Madam’s. But truly, deep within felt one with each other and felt the gratitude for their existence. What if we could stop compartmentalising and being selfish and accepted everything as part of us? Much of what we do, think and are will change. I know. I have experienced it.

“You may say 
I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one
I hope some day you’ll join us
And the world will live as one”

For this, all it takes is for each of us to stop living in this reactionary mode and start living consciously!