Superzoom. Tread Slow.

I’ve been away, far from the madding world (so to say) most of December 2013. I started my December first week in a series of meetings in Chandigarh and Bombay, amidst loosing and getting back my wallet in a cab in Bombay. (More on this later). I then headed out to Auroville (City of Dawn), an experimental township 20 mins North of Pondicherry.

I spent the first week at Auroville attending a workshop on Sustainability titled “Exploring a Sustainable Future” – a finely designed workshop that gave me an insight into the various happenings at Auroville, which we tag as Sustainable Projects; but which are indeed the “only way” to do somethings! This week, i had Amit Puri (The guy who gets things done at The Morpheus) attend the workshop with me. I think the workshop had the power to provide the impetus to make a Shift.

I then spent the weekend with my childhood friend Reshma, who i think was not convinced with the recent changes i have undergone as a person. I am sure, she still thinks I have lost it and is also perhaps saying silent prayers for me 🙂 (Is that right Resh?!)

For two and a half weeks after that I had Sameer, Abhishek (@gargolgy) and Sanaa comeby and we spent a lot of time with each other. I was initially supposed to leave Auroville around the 26th December, as two friends from my school were here in Bangalore, getting married. These two people, mean much to me and i love them a lot. But, I just could not get myself to get out of Auroville. The place has some magical energies that makes someone like me just stay there!

So, what did i do for over two weeks at Auroville? Nothing, actually. Just hung out with Abhishek, Sameer and Sanaa. Let a lot of random thoughts come and haunt my mind. Killed those thoughts, resolved a lot of conflicts within through those thoughts. Concentrated at the MatriMandir (It is a Physics marvel, actually), hung out at Cafes, ate at organic farms, and did some other things which may sound random, but were meaningful to me.

All my life, i have been “busy” doing something or the other. Which was nothing but keeping the mind busy, doing something intellectual, proving to myself that i can be super productive. For the first time in my life of 37 Summers, i spent quality time emptying my mind. Learning to de-clutter. Learning to slower my thoughts and focus on my innerself. Silence myself, figuratively speaking. I’d been reading some and interacting with a master – learning these concepts of silencing the mind, slowing the thoughts to focus on things that need to be worked on. But, had never taken time off to practice it to such lengths.

Auroville also provides that set-up where one can pretty quick go into the mode of concentration and deep focus – provided one is keen on silencing the thoughts and have the determination to do so. If not, a noisy mind is no good anywhere!

As i come back to the city today. To a noisy Bangalore, where i’ll spend the next 2 weeks. I know that somethings in me have moved. I have this strong conviction that it is important to Tread Slow – in thoughts. To understand the real reasons thoughts occur, stay with them for a while to recognise where they are coming from – are they a result of our deep, unknown conditioning or are they what would have have occurred naturally – something that was meant to be. And once this slow down begins to occur; then it becomes easy to superzoom. Superzoom is very important to achieve excellence in whatever we do, which intellectually speaking, we all think we have achieved. But only a clear, naturally inclined state of being can experience superzoom! The state of ability where one can quickly go into the depth of a subject and think through specifics like a master to invoke results of excellence. Steve Jobs had the ability of some such, to give an example. Examples simplify concepts sometimes. One other person was Ayrton Senna.

So, my Mantra as i come back to my calling / Karma, as it were is “Slow Down & Superzoom”!

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