WordPress iphone app

I’ve finally got the wordpress app on my iPhone up & running!

As a communication student, I studied terminologies like media convergence, global village, blurring lines of communication, ‘news’ redefined, the medium is the message, etc. For someone who craved for hands-on & practical experience; I was left wanting for more when schools & college fed me outdated book info. Not complaining, it did play a role in defining me – but I only felt detached from reality.

Anyways, coming back – when I read about these redefining terms, I visualized them as some distant truth perhaps a time when we befriend Martians 🙂

Now as I sit in a Barista in Chandigarh with a few friends… & pen (sounds so old school) this post, I feel great – it’s a sense of pride, achievement, or a sense of power that I am living a life very near to what I had imagined life as while I read terms off communication books! Go Marshall McLuhan go!