Good Deed Done, eh?!

This post is a personal experience – a rarity on my blog, but this one deserves it!

I’ve been re-living my childhood for sometime now. All those who are parents can relate to what i say – with a 15 month old at home (Sanaa) – looking at the world in her perspective is a whole new learning for me! (As adults, how we forget – we learnt most of our basics just like our kids are doing!)

So, with the little one around i’ve found that my perspectives on a few things have changed mildly and in some cases turned overtly sensitive. But, this incident just brought back memories of when i was a school kid.

A bird couple – Myna’s toiled hard the past weeks to build their haven in the open duct we have in our balcony (we just don’t use that kitchen, hence the exhaust duct is just a duct). Sometime last week, i heard chirps of baby birds and i was super excited. Tend to parallel incidents and life stories (thats the dramatist in me, i guess) & so, even here i paralleled it to the birds nurturing their lil ones to us & Sanaa. I kept showing Sanaa the Mama-Papa birds and she learnt to says ‘bird’ ‘coz of that.

This morning, i heard these birds cry in horror. Their chirps were strange, very harassed. I went out into the backyard to look up to a staring cat. I shooed him away and i assumed these birds were threatened by the cat hovering around. Later when i went up, i though i’d just check on if all is well in the balcony. To my horror, i saw a fledgling lying on the ground – almost suffering.

I went into flash-back of my childhood, when Sparrows had laid eggs in the attic of my bathroom and one morning, a little chick had fallen down. I remember my dad warning me not to touch it with my bare hand – we’d carefully slid the little one onto a cardboard sheet and placed it back near its nest. My sis & i were happy that the little one was accepted back and not killed.


Experience advised me and i got to action. But the only hitch was – the nest was too high in the wall. So, i picked the little one up, made a make-shift sleeping pad for it by converting a tray and lining it with soft cloth & placed the little one in there. I was hoping the parents will pick the guy up and back home. Sadly, a couple of hours later, i did not see it happening. The parents were still hassled & confused! And the fledgling was tired & losing energy. It was almost immobile and i for a second thought i’d lost the little one. (sigh!) I fed it some water and it seemed to gain energy, but that was just not good enough!

I took things in my hand, got Sameer and Sanaa to aide me in my cause. While they guarded me and my stool from attacks from the parents, i restored the little one back into its hole.

Now, all kids are united. Parents are happy. They dint push the little one out to die (thank goodness!) I was super satisfied that normalcy has been restored. Felt good that i settled the minds of the parent myna’s. I looked at Sanaa and thought to myself – Good deed done, eh?!

Startup Fair’09: Hire talent

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The Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC), IIT Roorkee is organising a Startup Fair’09, in association with CSI, NSIT Delhi, to facilitate Startups to recruit.

Date:      Saturday, 25th April’09
Venue: Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology (NSIT), Delhi

The  Startup Fair will be a platform for established startups, looking  to expand their team, to hire interested talent from IIT Roorkee and NSIT Delhi as fresh recruits (final yr students) and internees (pre-final yr students).

An excellent opportunity for Startups to reach out to the active student community. 15 startups and 150 student candidates are expected to participate in the event.

Spread the word!

Sudhir Manchanda
Entrepreneurship Development Cell,
IIT Roorkee


WordPress iphone app

I’ve finally got the wordpress app on my iPhone up & running!

As a communication student, I studied terminologies like media convergence, global village, blurring lines of communication, ‘news’ redefined, the medium is the message, etc. For someone who craved for hands-on & practical experience; I was left wanting for more when schools & college fed me outdated book info. Not complaining, it did play a role in defining me – but I only felt detached from reality.

Anyways, coming back – when I read about these redefining terms, I visualized them as some distant truth perhaps a time when we befriend Martians 🙂

Now as I sit in a Barista in Chandigarh with a few friends… & pen (sounds so old school) this post, I feel great – it’s a sense of pride, achievement, or a sense of power that I am living a life very near to what I had imagined life as while I read terms off communication books! Go Marshall McLuhan go!

Wake Up

A Poem by Harish Shanthikumar

When the road ends and mind unfolds,

The same tune echoes the stories untold,

You followed the Pied Piper blinded,

Wake up, you lost thy child in you

Convictions, prejudice and common sense

A claustrophobic black hole that you live in

Limiting your evolution

Wake up, its time to look within

Hallucination of reality

Deja vu of existence

Science defined by limitation of your senses

Wake up, look beyond thee.

An eye for an eye, yellow is yellow

You’ve been told

Is this the truth?

Wake up, nothing is what it seems

An expanding universe

With an abbreviating mind

In a state of cognitive dissonance

Wake up, to the higher dimension

In the quest for the absolute,

An eternal hunt for the truth

Resurrected cornerstone you need to comprehend

Wake up; it’s never too late to die

Shoes – Variety Shoes!

Shoes they come in shapes, sizes, costs and by the feet that wear them… here are some i clicked during the Valentine’s day part at Seventymm ( where i work.


The Crocodile skinned, the regular hardworking ones, the semi-formals



The writer types (Left), kurtapyjama-sandals kind (Top)


Mixed bag…err, shoes…pointed, beads, embroidery, stringed…


A full foot circle…round and round, around the world!

What’s your foot story?

Reinforces faith in mankind!


This is an incident that happened to us recently. My partner lost his phone in the middle of a rainy night in front of our office, sometime mid-July. We went back scanning the streets, but couldn’t find it. We called the number, it was unreachable. I messaged the number asking anyone who finds it to call back my number with a received receipt.

Though this phone was a very basic CDMA handset, it was important we get it back as it had a whole lot of important contacts in it.

I sent a few SMSs with delivery acknowledgement with the following text: Please call this number back to return the phone. Caller will be rewarded Rs. 500. Please return the phone. We waited for a few days and gave up since I got no delivery acknowledgement, nor did we hear from anyone. And so life went on… it used to get a little sore when we couldn’t find a number to call handy or when you had some work and we knew that One number in the phone book would help us. But, life went on nonetheless….

One afternoon, I was busy with work. The phone rang and I engrossed in work said a rather mundane “hello” and I was startled to complete consciousness when I heard a young girl on the other end speak with me in Kannada. Then I realized that I had seen my partner’s name flashing on the screen … I was confused, my mind filled with questions and curiosity….

The girl on the other end flooded me with questions too: “Who are you?” “Where are “Where are you?” “Is this your phone, you’ve lost?” and So on…. I answered a few of her questions, but my curiosity took over soon. When I started questioning her… like a typical filmy suspense, the phone line dropped. I tried calling a few times, but she did not lift the phone. Now, my mind was pacing fast figuring who it could be, what did that kid want, so on… Finally after a few attempts, the girl answered the call. Now I flooded her with my questions – she asked me to contact her father and gave me his number.

I immediately called the father. Srinivas answered the call. I introduced myself and spoke to him of the lost phone. On hearing this, Srinivas’ tone changed to the one with concern and worry. He said, I have been trying hard to contact you, but haven’t been. “Your phone did not have any charge and none of us at home use this handset. So I borrowed a charger from a friend yesterday and charged the battery last evening.”


When I asked him where he got the phone, he said, “I am a driver with a travels near Igate office, that night when it was raining, I happen to get the airport to gandhi bazaar route. I hardly do that route. When I had dropped the person and coming back I saw something shining in the middle of the road. I stopped my car, got off to check what it is. It was your phone; it had opened up in 3 pieces on the road. There was no one on the street for me to check with, so I picked it up, put it together to find out and call someone, but I never started. The battery was dead. So I got it home, and ever since I have been looking to contact you.”

I was over-whelmed and jumping with happiness by now. Srinivas, further continued saying, “I have a phone and I don’t want a phone. What would I do with your phone. Moreover, I am sure you will have numbers that are important stored in this which will help you, not me.” Hearing this I died a thousand times!

We fixed up a time when we could go and pick the phone up and a colleague of ours (Sunder) dearly helped us pick the phone up from Srinivas. When Sunder took the phone and gave him Rs. 500. Srinivas after initial refusals accepted it and said that he’d use it to buy his daughter a phone!

In a day and time, as this – it is difficult to believe anyone or take them at face value, how much


ever you’d want to. Unfortunate as it may seem, life has become such – selfish and non trust worthy. This incident, for me, personally has led me to believe that I need to reconsider my judgments about people. There are many such people in this world who still are honest, value their self respect and are humane in its true sense!

Change, old pals and a come back…

It’s been a while since I wrote anything in here. Between these few months, a lot has changed. Yes, change is inevitable and change is eternal, as one may quickly point out, but change is very personal and subjective too, as I’d like to point out. So, here is a personal account of change, as I witnessed it.

As I was saying, the past few months, I’ve seen a lot of changes. Amongst many other things like the change in seasons, change in time zones and environment, I am no longer an entrepreneur, but an entrepreneur on a vacation. As part of change, I have witnessed unexpected people act in unexpected ways, devils turn angels and angels turn devils, and trust towards mankind re-enforced. Evident changes that depress me sometimes, about my hometown, Bangalore; changes in broadcasting trends – with localized content playing on FM radio – things I read as part of the future of media while a student; technology integrating various communication modes to enhance experience – google, it integrates various functionalities very intelligently, I love this change, where I can check mails, chat or talk with that person online if I want to, or still leave a scrap on his orkut… Ah! And Orkut, I like the fact that I’ve been able to connect with most of my long lost friends on this social networking site. I guess what makes it tick for me is the scrapping feature, where I can leave a quick message for a friend and the friends section. And a small confession, I love to read up all the recent scraps of my friends and look up their friends list – I’ve found a lot my friends by snooping into other’s contacts.


So, that’s all about the change and other things in the interim period of hiatus. Hey and not to forget, orkut helped me with resources for one of my projects… who ever said this community thingy is mindless… I fie you – wake up and get real… it’s the world of technology and connectivity, get on the bandwagon – conservative minded and old fashioned!