Super Important: High Quality & Constant Innovation

I ended my Sunday evening with filling in a mystery audit report for a retail chain via RedQuanta. It was not the best of experiences i had as an end customer – it showed that the brand did not care about its customers; not in product quality, experience or even builing a rapport with its end customers. If it were not for the mystery assignment i’d accepted, i’d not and will never go and shop with that brand again!

And so, I started my Monday morning with a question that was bothering me: As a consumer, I interact with multiple brands, products, services, solutions each day. What is it that makes me remember and stick to a particular product or brand over another?

There are theories a-plenty about brand recognition, recall, loyalty and its relation to how the brand is packaged and how much is spent to make end users remember it. I really dont believe in those. 

When brands spend thousands of $$ on advertisements of all sorts and on decorative things that are perceptional; and NOT focus on delivering an unmatched experience to its end users – it upsets me. They ignore the quality of the product, they compromise on honesty in what they do, they fail to constantly connect with its end users – this for me is disasterous.

Irrespective of a company, business, product’s size and age. It is super important for them to focus on TWO things and that’s “High Quality & Constant Innovation”, and both go hand-in-hand.


Image courtesy: Sharp Brains. This is a visual perception brain teaser where you need to determine if the inner shape is a perfect circle or not. Sometime extraneous information around your target can distort your view. Which can be a common illusionary effect for startups and companies on growth path. 

Many companies start focusing only on increasing their sales, once they are in their growth path, i.e., when they have figured out their product / service offering & are seemingly confident of delivering high quality experience. Some others dont even think / realize that delivering value, quality, experience is important; they focus on selling only too soon. 

Sadly, both the above categories forget that high quality standards are not a ONE TIME thing. It is a process of constantly innovating, meeting & raising expectations of your end customer, replicating that high-quality experience over and over again, and all the time.

Easier said than done! But then, this is something that HAS to be done, no two questions about it. I can list a dozen and plenty brands/companies/products which got us customers excited for a brief period of time, but failed badly as they could not keep their focus on high-quality and constant innovation (all the time).

Such companies fail to identify that it is the high quality experience that’s important for them to sustain. They lie to themselves, pour all the money into marketing budgets which will bring them a one-time customer and they lie again to themselves that he’s a customer for life! (sigh!)

The only way a business can benefit, prosper & grow in the long-term is when all key decision-makers across the company have a singular goal – “Delivering Super Good Quality Experience to my end customers”. (or as guglanisam would put it “hit the ball out of the park”)

That unanimous thought is a tough thing to achieve.  Hence, programming of humans, I think!