And I’ve shifted back to WP again!

So, if you’ve noticed, i’ve not been regularly blogging off late. Well till date. I got carried away by @guglanisam’s persuasive talks and shifted to Posterous from WP sometime back. Like all relationships, all was well initially, until the Posterous team migrated to Twitter. Then on, each time i had a blog post to go live – Posterous would either be down or inaccessible. The result – I told myself, i’ll shift my blog to WP and then start blogging.

But, like many things, this migration took back seat amongst other tasks. Until recently, when, @ckjedimaster came into picture. He’s helped me not just in migrating, but choosing a beautiful theme & getting a favicon in place too! Thanks to him that I am back to blogging and on WP now. @CK thanks dude, i owe you!

Now with this plush new theme, i am going to blog more often than i’d ever done! [Finger’s crossed!]

WordPress iphone app

I’ve finally got the wordpress app on my iPhone up & running!

As a communication student, I studied terminologies like media convergence, global village, blurring lines of communication, ‘news’ redefined, the medium is the message, etc. For someone who craved for hands-on & practical experience; I was left wanting for more when schools & college fed me outdated book info. Not complaining, it did play a role in defining me – but I only felt detached from reality.

Anyways, coming back – when I read about these redefining terms, I visualized them as some distant truth perhaps a time when we befriend Martians 🙂

Now as I sit in a Barista in Chandigarh with a few friends… & pen (sounds so old school) this post, I feel great – it’s a sense of pride, achievement, or a sense of power that I am living a life very near to what I had imagined life as while I read terms off communication books! Go Marshall McLuhan go!

Happy 2009!

My ode to the new year… will some of these questions get answered? (hopeful)

Blowin’ In The Wind

How many roads must a man walk down
Before you call him a man?
Yes, ‘n’ how many seas must a white dove sail
Before she sleeps in the sand?
Yes, ‘n’ how many times must the cannon balls fly
Before they’re forever banned?
The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind,
The answer is blowin’ in the wind.

How many times must a man look up
Before he can see the sky?
Yes, ‘n’ how many ears must one man have
Before he can hear people cry?
Yes, ‘n’ how many deaths will it take till he knows
That too many people have died?
The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind,
The answer is blowin’ in the wind.

How many years can a mountain exist
Before it’s washed to the sea?
Yes, ‘n’ how many years can some people exist
Before they’re allowed to be free?
Yes, ‘n’ how many times can a man turn his head,
Pretending he just doesn’t see?
The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind,
The answer is blowin’ in the wind.

Copyright ©1962; renewed 1990 Special Rider Music

essay help writing

Ismail, you are doing a great job!

Eid Mubarak, all of you! I’ve been wanting to write for sometime now, but guess I’ve been overloaded with emotions, questions and just too much confusion in my mind.

But, while I sat to watch television y’day (which is a rare thing for me to do), I saw this news report on how a black Eid was celebrated across the nation. I saw celebrities who follow the Islamic faith criticize the recent Mumbai attacks; I heard repeatedly that the Holy Quran does not promote harmful acts, bloodshed or terrorism. I read messages of solidarity, peace and brotherhood on the television screen.

All this only reinforced my faith, the faith of being Indian. Not that of any cast, creed, community, religion or economic strata of the society, but of simply being Indian!


One word unites us: this was an email Natasha sent me last week

Last week, I was in Delhi meeting up with a group of bright entrepreneurs at a popular café in Connaught Place. The café was bustling with life, with many youngsters, tourists and families. The youngsters keeping tables and processing orders wore a welcoming smile as they went about their tasks.

Among them, I noticed one youngster who stood silently, alone in a corner. Wore a sad face, which screamed out “I don’t want to be here, let me go home”. But, I guess he had no choice, but to professionally go about his duties of keeping tables and processing orders. His colleagues spoke to him casually and he responded mechanically. Each time he had to interact with a customer or a customer looked at him, he got very conscious. He stood there covering his hand not to reveal his name tag!

I kept watching him, as I went about my meeting. I so wanted to walk up to him and ask him if I could help him in any way, what his troubles were and perhaps give him a “Jaadu Ki Jappi”. But, I just could not muster enough courage.

Finally, before I left the café. I happened to visit the restroom and on my way out, I crossed paths with him. I smiled at him, but he looked away. I noticed that his name tag read – Ismail.

As I walked out of the café I had tears in my eyes. I so wanted to tell him that it was not his fault that a certain group of people want to cause harm and destruction in this world! Just because he has a name that is similar to those who caused harm and destruction, he does not become one of them! I just could not go back to doing it. I did not want to hurt him more, if at all.

I’ve read a few events of people blaming the Islamic community in India after that incident. I have read of one instance where an airhostess was yelled and verbally abused at because of her name. I’d like to apologize on behalf of all those who may have reacted in helpless anger, without realizing what they were doing.

I am thankful to all those friends of mine who have made me what I am, among other things – a true proud Indian. And to all my friends who follow the Islamic faith – I love you all as much or more than I did before. You’ll are great human beings, many peace loving, many more creative than the rest! Thank you for being a part of my life!

World Diabetes Day – Did you check your blood sugar today?


The “age factor” compels you to do a few things, one such in my case is the urge to shed that extra fat and stay fit. So, i’ve been at it for a couple of months, but have always had a problem measuring my efforts towards that end.

Last week, Namit, Varun, Himanshu – founders of LifeMojo, one of MVP‘s portfolio sent me a test link to their B2C platform – Here you can not only assess your current body and lifestyle “health”, but also plan and track your diet and exercise schedule. These guys are in a pre-release mode and will open to users shortly… i’ll update my blog when they release, its a great tool to try out, if you are health conscious, a health freak or just concerned about over-weight. I know that they are also going to add tracking tools for preventive healthcare, such as diabetes and blood pressure.

Anyways, the best thing i liked about these guys is that even if they are in pre-release phase, fixing bugs and all that – When i logged onto this morning – i was totally impressed. I saw a little note on World Diabetes Day on the homepage. When i logged in it also showed me a little reminder about getting my blood sugar tested… So, lo and behold – i promptly got to the hospital near my house in the morning and gave my blood sample to get my sugar levels tested! This, i have been procastinating for a while, though my doctor had suggested i get it tested, considering the family history of blood sugar there exits.

Thankyou LifeMojo!

The Bangalore Experience!

I have driven in various cities in the world. I love to drive. But, what I have not been able to figure out is the ‘typical’ Bangalore trait. That of people inching forward to ‘win some unheard of race’ on the road. That of bikers zipping in gaps between two cars, creating confusion, yet undeterred…zipping away.

I seek answers to some questions… answers anybody?


Do people who drive or ride on the streets of Bangalore really understand lanes?
Are people sensitive about that fact that there are hundred other bikes or cars along with them and they are not alone?
Is it their impatience? Is it insecurity? Is it a game?
When you are on the streets, driving or riding, do you apply you mind to think or do you just drive/ride?

I for one, think for the others on the road. Save several lives by avoiding accidents that they would have been responsible for. I tend to loose patience, but i have trained myself to smile at the senseless behavior of people on the streets, what with stopping the auto rickshaw in the middle of the road to have a conversation…or deciding to take a U turn on a crowded street, from extreme left onto the extreme left of the other lane! Sigh!

What’s on your mind when you drive?

Reinforces faith in mankind!


This is an incident that happened to us recently. My partner lost his phone in the middle of a rainy night in front of our office, sometime mid-July. We went back scanning the streets, but couldn’t find it. We called the number, it was unreachable. I messaged the number asking anyone who finds it to call back my number with a received receipt.

Though this phone was a very basic CDMA handset, it was important we get it back as it had a whole lot of important contacts in it.

I sent a few SMSs with delivery acknowledgement with the following text: Please call this number back to return the phone. Caller will be rewarded Rs. 500. Please return the phone. We waited for a few days and gave up since I got no delivery acknowledgement, nor did we hear from anyone. And so life went on… it used to get a little sore when we couldn’t find a number to call handy or when you had some work and we knew that One number in the phone book would help us. But, life went on nonetheless….

One afternoon, I was busy with work. The phone rang and I engrossed in work said a rather mundane “hello” and I was startled to complete consciousness when I heard a young girl on the other end speak with me in Kannada. Then I realized that I had seen my partner’s name flashing on the screen … I was confused, my mind filled with questions and curiosity….

The girl on the other end flooded me with questions too: “Who are you?” “Where are “Where are you?” “Is this your phone, you’ve lost?” and So on…. I answered a few of her questions, but my curiosity took over soon. When I started questioning her… like a typical filmy suspense, the phone line dropped. I tried calling a few times, but she did not lift the phone. Now, my mind was pacing fast figuring who it could be, what did that kid want, so on… Finally after a few attempts, the girl answered the call. Now I flooded her with my questions – she asked me to contact her father and gave me his number.

I immediately called the father. Srinivas answered the call. I introduced myself and spoke to him of the lost phone. On hearing this, Srinivas’ tone changed to the one with concern and worry. He said, I have been trying hard to contact you, but haven’t been. “Your phone did not have any charge and none of us at home use this handset. So I borrowed a charger from a friend yesterday and charged the battery last evening.”


When I asked him where he got the phone, he said, “I am a driver with a travels near Igate office, that night when it was raining, I happen to get the airport to gandhi bazaar route. I hardly do that route. When I had dropped the person and coming back I saw something shining in the middle of the road. I stopped my car, got off to check what it is. It was your phone; it had opened up in 3 pieces on the road. There was no one on the street for me to check with, so I picked it up, put it together to find out and call someone, but I never started. The battery was dead. So I got it home, and ever since I have been looking to contact you.”

I was over-whelmed and jumping with happiness by now. Srinivas, further continued saying, “I have a phone and I don’t want a phone. What would I do with your phone. Moreover, I am sure you will have numbers that are important stored in this which will help you, not me.” Hearing this I died a thousand times!

We fixed up a time when we could go and pick the phone up and a colleague of ours (Sunder) dearly helped us pick the phone up from Srinivas. When Sunder took the phone and gave him Rs. 500. Srinivas after initial refusals accepted it and said that he’d use it to buy his daughter a phone!

In a day and time, as this – it is difficult to believe anyone or take them at face value, how much


ever you’d want to. Unfortunate as it may seem, life has become such – selfish and non trust worthy. This incident, for me, personally has led me to believe that I need to reconsider my judgments about people. There are many such people in this world who still are honest, value their self respect and are humane in its true sense!

Winners and Losers!

I’ve made a list of few things people have told me and actions of people that has made an impact. I am classifying them as Winners and Losers… Here goes!


Lets split the sandwich (where both us were equally hungry and broke) – Winner!
That was the last piece I had, Sorry (when you are famished and the person eats the remaining of the food too!) – Loser!

Makes sure to split the bill or pay alternatively – Winner!
Makes sure you pay all the time – Loser!

What car do you have at home? (As a criteria to make friends!) – Loser!
Never ask a question about what car, how big a house, father’s position! –Winner!

I need an excuse to drive, let me drop you (even if the distance is over 10 kms, in the middle of the night) – WINNER, WINNER!
Oh! We have just enough room for one person in the car, if one of you can come, please do (when its 4 people in the car, two of us who want a ride) – LOSER!

Offer hot coffee on a rainy, cold day, when you visit someone on work – Winner!
Make you stand at the door, as you are wet and chat with you for an hour – Loser!

Pick up conversations and make connections from where you’d left the last time around (even if you are meeting after ages!) – Winner!
Act funny and throw attitude when you meet after a long time – Loser!

Respects your experiences and values what you have been thru’ over the years – Winner!
Acts as if they are the only who has experienced – experience, and all others wasted their time – Loser!

Ones who treat everyone as their sales guys, who need to be yelled at! Losers!
Ones who respects others! Winners

People who can be themselves with you and lets you be yourself…Winners!
People with a façade, pretence… Losers!

Disclaimer: Any resemblance to people living or dead or incidents are purely coincidental!