Xtremestartps Chandigarah: 10 October, 2009

This month we have:

Vishal Chalana, Winshuttle (www.winshuttle.com), a leading provider of data entry and data download tools for SAP, Winshuttle is Headquartered in the US with its R&D outfit in Chandigarh, India.

When: 10, Oct 2009 (Saturday); 3pm – 6pm

Contact: Nandini: +91 9779140169 / nandiniATmorpheusventureDOTcom, Shahnaz: +91 9779450735 / shahnaz.jerathATchitkaraDOTeduDOTin

“Start-up Morning/Evening” is organized under the Xtreme Startups banner. It is a non-profit initiative to support & promote entrepreneurship.The events are organized with the support and help from a lot of friends in the startup community. Previous editions of the event have been held Mumbai, Bangalore, Chandigarh and Pune. Read coverage here.

This edition of Xtreme Startups is supported by Chitkara University, Morpheus Venture Partners (MVP) and Startupnews.in


* Event will be attended by 20+ start-up founders / entrepreneurs

* The event brings together Startup Founders to share experiences and interact with other start-ups in an informal manner

* Guests, like you, will typically be experienced entrepreneur / investor / a person from the start-up ecosystem

* Participation is “invite only”, concentrated group of Startup Founders and others in the startup ecosystem. There is no fee for attending the event

* Refreshments will be provided at the event

What will you gain from the event?
* Opportunity to interact with others in the startup ecosystem
* Share and learn from each others experiences in running businesses
* Potential to meet a business partner, investor, employee, etc.
* Opportunity to build a strong startup community

Please confirm your participation by replying to this mail. If you want to bring a guest or a fellow entrepreneur along, do let us know in reply to this mail.

If you’d like to NOMINATE a speaker or topic for the event, please do so by sending us a mail: nandiniATmorpheusventure.com

Please Note: Xtremestartups event happens on the Second Saturday of every month between 3pm and 6pm, block your calendars to meet fellow entrepreneurs and exchange notes on best practices of building businesses!

See you on Saturday!