TiE Luminaries session with Sameer Guglani and Nandini Hirianniah

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(This post got deleted as part of some migration – putting it up again)

The MVP team will be doing an interaction about entrepreneurship and sharing the entrepreneurial journey with the audience at the “TiE Luminaries session” on Thursday 26 March 2009.

Mr J S Bedi, Chairman Gian Jyoti Institute of Management and Technology has coordinated with TiE Chandigarh to have the session at their campus:

Address: Gian Jyoti Institute of Management & Technology,
Phase-2, S.A.S Nagar (Mohali)

The session will start at 3 PM. In case you are planning to attend, we request all of you to be there on time.

Looking forward to meeting some interesting folks.

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