Wake Up

A Poem by Harish Shanthikumar

When the road ends and mind unfolds,

The same tune echoes the stories untold,

You followed the Pied Piper blinded,

Wake up, you lost thy child in you

Convictions, prejudice and common sense

A claustrophobic black hole that you live in

Limiting your evolution

Wake up, its time to look within

Hallucination of reality

Deja vu of existence

Science defined by limitation of your senses

Wake up, look beyond thee.

An eye for an eye, yellow is yellow

You’ve been told

Is this the truth?

Wake up, nothing is what it seems

An expanding universe

With an abbreviating mind

In a state of cognitive dissonance

Wake up, to the higher dimension

In the quest for the absolute,

An eternal hunt for the truth

Resurrected cornerstone you need to comprehend

Wake up; it’s never too late to die