What does it take to get started today?

Well, if you have an idea that you have been ruminating for a while now, then it just takes making up your mind to get started! That is the most important thing to get things rolling. As they say, the first step is the toughest but the largest.


Image Courtesy: Hurdles Start. by Robert Voors

In a day and age like today, there are far too many things that favor the prepared mind to get started and at low costs. Consider a few things:

  • If yours’ is an internet venture, then your initial setup costs are almost zero
    • You can work from your bedroom (or anyplace you choose!)
    • You will incur basic internet costs
    • There is the cloud to host your website and park your data
    • There are very many productive tools online which offer you free + pay as you go options!
    • You can code as much as you want and achieve quite a bit & rope in like-minded friends to help you by offering pizza and some equity
    • You put your product out onto the relevant social media channels and get those early adaptors to use your product and spread it via word of mouth, thus reducing your marketing budgets to almost Zero!
    • There is a buzz about entrepreneurship in India today and so there are quite a few bright youngsters exploring to get started or join a startup, so that’s an opportunity to chance upon
    • If your venture requires offline presence too, then:
      • Lookup how much of money you can afford to invest yourself in the venture (it is important to have your skin in the game)
      • You can ask the Friends, Family, Fools pool also for some investments to get started!
      • Do a backward calculation of what all can you achieve with the money you have and how you can optimize it
      • All of us have a “Grand” plan, but that needs to Start someplace, so think of a minimal viable product (MVP) to start with or if yours is a multi-location idea, think of starting at one location that you can achieve with the initial money you have
      • Today there are multiple variations of shared workplaces to get you started on your physical presence, some that offer just space, some that offer an end-to-end space, connectivity, housekeeping, et al.
      • In all cases think “BootStrap”
      • Think “Innovative ways of making your money work hard for you”

In the end, this post may list things that sound easy. But, you will know what it takes only if you stop thinking about doing and ‘get started’! Nothing is as easy as it sounds, but luck favors the prepared mind. So, what are you waiting for? Get Started Now!

This is the Blog Post i wrote for L-Pad, as a Guest Writer, see original here.

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