Winners and Losers!

I’ve made a list of few things people have told me and actions of people that has made an impact. I am classifying them as Winners and Losers… Here goes!


Lets split the sandwich (where both us were equally hungry and broke) – Winner!
That was the last piece I had, Sorry (when you are famished and the person eats the remaining of the food too!) – Loser!

Makes sure to split the bill or pay alternatively – Winner!
Makes sure you pay all the time – Loser!

What car do you have at home? (As a criteria to make friends!) – Loser!
Never ask a question about what car, how big a house, father’s position! –Winner!

I need an excuse to drive, let me drop you (even if the distance is over 10 kms, in the middle of the night) – WINNER, WINNER!
Oh! We have just enough room for one person in the car, if one of you can come, please do (when its 4 people in the car, two of us who want a ride) – LOSER!

Offer hot coffee on a rainy, cold day, when you visit someone on work – Winner!
Make you stand at the door, as you are wet and chat with you for an hour – Loser!

Pick up conversations and make connections from where you’d left the last time around (even if you are meeting after ages!) – Winner!
Act funny and throw attitude when you meet after a long time – Loser!

Respects your experiences and values what you have been thru’ over the years – Winner!
Acts as if they are the only who has experienced – experience, and all others wasted their time – Loser!

Ones who treat everyone as their sales guys, who need to be yelled at! Losers!
Ones who respects others! Winners

People who can be themselves with you and lets you be yourself…Winners!
People with a façade, pretence… Losers!

Disclaimer: Any resemblance to people living or dead or incidents are purely coincidental!

One thought on “Winners and Losers!

  1. Hey Nice post ! that was so true, I good examples that experience makes some one to reach the perfection. If we tend to repeat the mistakes again and again then definitely a Looser.Cheers!

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