WordPress iphone app

I’ve finally got the wordpress app on my iPhone up & running!

As a communication student, I studied terminologies like media convergence, global village, blurring lines of communication, ‘news’ redefined, the medium is the message, etc. For someone who craved for hands-on & practical experience; I was left wanting for more when schools & college fed me outdated book info. Not complaining, it did play a role in defining me – but I only felt detached from reality.

Anyways, coming back – when I read about these redefining terms, I visualized them as some distant truth perhaps a time when we befriend Martians 🙂

Now as I sit in a Barista in Chandigarh with a few friends… & pen (sounds so old school) this post, I feel great – it’s a sense of pride, achievement, or a sense of power that I am living a life very near to what I had imagined life as while I read terms off communication books! Go Marshall McLuhan go!

3 thoughts on “WordPress iphone app

  1. hi sir,Its nice to see somone who thinks like me being successful.Can i meet you once.Had a talk with nandini madam, not me but my partner Sneha Devi. Your life story till now is inspiring for somone like me. I found you out today but i shoud have done that before.But who knows theres somthing good in it.amit gautam

  2. Sure Amit, Will ask Sameer to look the comment up and respond. Thanks for the good words tho!

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