Product Companies must focus on building their products and not run services!

This is one of the posts i wrote for Money control’s SME Mentor section! View Original Post.  I have been interacting with many startup founding teams. […]
August 17, 2012

And I’ve shifted back to WP again!

So, if you’ve noticed, i’ve not been regularly blogging off late. Well till date. I got carried away by @guglanisam’s persuasive talks and shifted to Posterous […]
March 9, 2012

A gentleman’s parting remarks, a lesson for all of us to behold!

I admire Rahul Dravid for what he is as a human being. As a cricketeer he’s perhaps among the very few who held the reference “A […]
October 7, 2011

Here’s to the crazy one!

Thank you Steve for showing me how life can be lived. To fearlessly make the most of all opportunities and seek opportunities where there is none. […]
August 19, 2011

India Against Corruption: My experience of India’s belief in the cause

I have always believed that Life can be led in a very transparent, truthful manner; without indulging in “corruption”. I have stood for what I have […]
August 16, 2011

3 Keys to a successful startup: Engage-Build-Sell

Choosing what to focus on after getting started can be rather confusing for the startup founders. In most cases founders lose out on crucial time, right […]
March 28, 2011

Super Important: High Quality & Constant Innovation

I ended my Sunday evening with filling in a mystery audit report for a retail chain via RedQuanta. It was not the best of experiences i […]
October 29, 2010

Be More: Focus on Customer Experience!

I’ve not written about a movie or a television commercial in a while, though they are one of my favorite topics of discussion. A recent advertisement i […]
October 27, 2010

What does it take to get started?

What does it take to get started?  This question is often asked in a tone and mood that’s sacred, as if there will be a moment […]