The bitch is back, welcome bombaybitch!

There was once, not so long ago from now, a breeze of freshness – a new perspective, fearless opinions & unbiased bitching!.. it was all this […]
February 7, 2009

Mind blowing piece of realistic art…

Okay, the title is pretty oxymoronish, but that’s what DevD is all about! Except for the remote references by way of names and the somewhat suggestive […]
September 7, 2008


Alfred Hitchcock, talking about Suspense, said a couple of things that I am reminded of “Always make the audiences suffer as much as possible.” And “There […]
August 18, 2007

The eternal dilemma: Did the movie do justice to the book?

Since the time I picked up Order of the Phoenix to read, I’ve wanted to watch it as a movie. The itch to watch the motion […]
August 13, 2007

Sometimes winning is everything!

ChakDe! Is a good movie, when I say good, I mean it is gripping, well written and well shot. It was important that there was no […]